Chris & Jessica – A Little Surprise

This post is looooonng overdue, especially since the announcement was made back in the end of January, haha.  BUT!  I am still blogging it because Chris & Jessica are one my favorites couples ever and now… be one of my fave families! :)

Jessica approached me on Facebook about doing a shoot with them back in December, but didn’t want to do anything with the holidays or of the like.  I put two and two together and I was like, “Oh…I bet she’s pregnant!”  She let me know that they WERE indeed expecting and wanted to make some announcement photos, which I was absolutely THRILLED to do for them.  I’ve worked with Chris & Jessica ever since I’ve moved to SC (back in 2012) and am so happy to see them expanding into a little family :)

NOW!  Jessica is 30 weeks along in her pregnancy and hopefully we will be doing some maternity/yearly anniversary photos within the next month or so!

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Wedding Photography - Maternity

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JMP Update – 2015 Summer & Fall Plans

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I know my last update was a big one and that’s one of the reasons why my blogging has been halted a bit.  In my last blog post, I announced that I am pregnant!  I am now 17 weeks and am doing great.  But for those first couple of months I was plagued by the dreaded “morning sickness” that went on all day long.  I am doing just fine now and have been working quite a bit this month :)

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Wedding Photography - Weddings

The point of this post was to update you all on my plans for the Summer and Fall months.

Between May – July, I plan on working as usual unless instructed by my doctor or unless I feel like I can work longer.  I will not book any weddings after July 20th, 2015 and regular sessions I will TRY to do up until the first of September (no promises, but crossing my fingers!).

I have gotten quite a few wedding inquiries for the fall and as much as I would love to accept them, I simply cannot.  They are way too close to my due date (October 3rd) and I wouldn’t be able to do my job at my best being 7+ months pregnant.

In other news…

I am booking for Prom (as well as Seniors) in Spartanburg and surrounding areas!  The flyers are attached on the “Specials” page at the top!

If you would like to book a session for the remainder of spring and in the summer, contact me as soon as possible to ensure that I am available for booking!

I will be getting back to blogging regularly VERY soon once I get caught up on all of my current sessions!

Talk to you all soon!

new 'jenn' aug 2014

A Little Surprise…

I know I haven’t been as active on the blog or on the JMP Facebook page much here lately and believe me, I have reasons.  January & Febraury are my slow months because of the weather, right after Christmas, not as many bookings during this time of year.  So, I’m looking to book things more this coming month and through the summer to make up for the fact that I won’t be available during the Fall.  Why?  Well…let me explain.

Ya see……..well, I don’t really need to explain.  I can just show you.


YES!  I am pregnant!  I am due at the beginning of October and my family is so very excited.  :D

This also explains why I have been so absent on the JMP Facebook page.  The struggle has been real with this morning (or all day, at times) sickness, lol.

So, what does that mean for JMP?  Well, that means, unfortunately, no fall shoots.  I will most likely stop any/all bookings around mid-end of August, depending on how the pregnancy goes.  If I feel like I am able to continue shooting past that mark, I’ll announce it.  BUT!  For now, I am going to booking everything from now until mid August.  I may start back up in mid-late November, but like I I said, it all depends on how the pregnancy goes and how well I recover.

SO, with that being said, any/all shoots will be done this spring and summer.   And speaking of this Spring, I have planned my next trip to Kentucky!  If you are indeed interested, please contact me regarding booking as my spots are extremely limited due to the booking of a wedding and my personal time with family.

I want to thank those of you who already know about the pregnancy, and have congratulated and said such kind words to David, Hailey, and I.  We are so excited to be adding another member to our family and cannot wait for this next chapter in our lives to begin :)


new 'jenn' aug 2014

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The Gale Family – Simpsonville, SC

When I first spoke to Mary about this session, I was beyond excited.  She showed so much joy and happiness to have me to come to their home and photograph their beautiful family.  After I got there, I was greeted with puppy loves and giggles from the twins, Emily & Matthew, and Andrew their big brother.  Andrew is four years old and the twins are two years old.  Talk about a handful! Haha.  But these kids were so full of life, so happy, and so well mannered.  Tickled me when they would ask the twins a question and they would lightly just say, “Yessssss”.  It was just so dang cute.

The Gale’s live on a beautiful five acre farm so…who wouldn’t want to take advantage of getting photos there?  The day was full of unexpected turns as they usually do with small children, and we just went with the flow.  I was SO dang lucky to have their nanny there with us that day because she was able to keep the kids smiling and laughing when mom and dad were in front of the camera with the kids.  So yeah….she rocks :P

Here are just a few (okay, more than a few, lol) of my favorites from my day with the Gale Family :)

JennMarie Photography - South Carolina Portrait & Wedding Photography - Families

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The Rowe Family | Milliken Park – Spartanburg, SC

I’ve had many clients over the years and a quite a few have been returning clients.  This little family has let me photograph them for the third time now and I could not be happier than I was when we done the shoot.  And I have to say, this one has been my favorite of them all.  Not only was little Jonah so happy and smiley this time, but the little booger had those two precious bottom teeth!  And he was also crawling and sitting up, growing up so fast since I had last been with the Rowe’s.  I absolutely adore working with this beautiful family and I’m so excited to finally getting to blogging their session.

You can view their previous sessions HERE & HERE.

Let’s just cut to the chase and look at some of my absolute favorites from their session :)

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