Ben & Karina – Married | The Dutch Barn – Greer, SC | South Carolina Wedding Photographer

Meeting Ben & Karina was fun.  It decided to rain on us outside of the Starbucks that we met at, haha.  We discussed many details of their big day (venue, style, what they were looking for, etc.) and spoke of how they met.  I think they told me that they met a music festival.  Karina, don’t kill me if I’m wrong, lol.  It HAS been a year since we talked about it, haha.  Just working with them on their wedding day was enough to tell me that they are more than perfect for each other.  I never got the chance to work with them prior to the big day, and that’s totally okay.  We got along so well and were able to communicate better than most couples that I’ve worked with.

The wedding day came and I somehow managed to show up matching the bridesmaids dresses without even realizing it, haha!  Made me blend right in 😉  I arrived to the girls getting their hair and makeup done…Karina was getting her hair started (makeup was already done by the amazing Alores Norris of House of Flawless.  Ladies were gathering together in a room in Ben & Karina’s ADORABLE home, dresses were hung in front of the closet just waiting to be worn.  Or photographed…..whichever you prefer, haha.  Ben was getting ready somewhere else so I was gonna see him when we arrived at The Dutch Barn for the ceremony 🙂

Their day was beautiful and perfect.  We ALMOST got rained out!  It was trying to rain on us the whole time as their ceremony was outdoors and while we were getting all formal photos.  Thankfully we just had a sprinkling of rain and the day went amazing!  I’m so thankful I was chosen to photograph their wedding and am happy to be sharing these with you!  Here are just a few of my favorites from Ben & Karina’s wedding 🙂


Just another note….their wedding cake, WAS AMAZING.  It was so simplistic, one layer was peanut butter cake with peanut butter icing and the other was chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.  Before I left, Karina was so nice and cut me a slice to take home.  Y’ALL!  I got home completely exhausted but 100% wanted to devour that cake, lol.

Ben & Karina, thank you so much for including me on the most special of days.  It was truly a joy getting to know you both and photographing your wedding.  You are such a wonderfully beautiful couple and I wish you the absolute best in your marriage and lives together 🙂


Jenn 2018

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