There are many, many things I could say to tell you about myself, but I would end up with about a paragraph, lol.

The gist as to why you should work with meDSC05316 copy

  You love my work and my rad style.  Because, be real, we all know I got it 😛

I absolutely love what I do.  I am not your everyday, “Okay, we’re gonna do it like this” type of photographer.  I’m more of the type to be walking and then go, “OMG, DON’T…MOVE…A MUSCLE.  This light is FABULOUS!”.  All while you are standing there giggling because I’m crazy, but it’s all worth it in the end….I promise.

I’m not the photographer for everyone, and ya know?  That’s just okay.  Not everyone has the same taste or style and I’m alright with that.  I’m here to fulfill my dream as a photographer and to photograph some amazing people.

I love photography and here lately I have been losing grip with why I fell in love with it in first place.

Let’s change that 🙂

Jenn 2018

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